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Senior Digital Marketer. Seasoned designer turned digital marketer with a strong background in design, marketing automation, growth hacking, content marketing, product marketing, merchandising, marketing strategy, and front-end web development.

Helping companies grow from concept to IPO.

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Hey, this is what I do

A little bit of everything. Seriously, I really like this stuff.


I have 11+ years under my belt crafting, designing and when applicable, front-end coding visuals for landing pages, website redesigns, collateral, branding guidelines, tradeshow graphics, internal docs, slide decks, social media, marketing campaigns, and even good ol' employee swag.

Digital Marketing

I have 5+ years of brainstorming and executing inbound and outbound marketing strategies based on personas or verticals. My design background allows me to see both the visual and functional side when creating campaigns and driving qualified leads to a website, tradeshow booth or event.


Writing and producing relatable content to explain high-level concepts is my modern day version of storytelling and something I truly love doing. Writing blogs, press releases, articles, explainers, and video storyboards are just some of what I love and enjoy doing.

HubSpot Development and Maintenace

I'm a HubSpot marketing developer and consultant currently available for freelance or contract work. I have been working with HubSpot for 4.5 years and I'm HubSpot design and inbound marketing certified. Not only can I create HubSpot templates, I can also read and understand existing code to find and fix bugs. I've also been working with the HubSpot CRM for the last 3 years. I am able to create and implement workflows, create and edit existing forms, create/track email campaigns, and tailor and customize lead scoring to fit your metrics.

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Design Portfolio

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Logo Design

Branding, Graphic Design, Typography

Web Design / UX

Web Design, HTML & CSS, HubSpot

Web Design / UX

Web Design, HTML & CSS, HubSpot

Web Design / UX

Web Design, HTML & CSS, Visual Studio

UX Design

Animation, UX Design, UI

UX Design

HTML, CSS, Graphic Design

Web Design / UX

HTML, CSS, UX, Graphic Design

Album Art Reimagined

Layout, Illustrator, Photoshop

Brand Identity

Branding, Logo Design

Video and Production

Illustration, Video Editing, Art Direction

eBook Covers and Layout

Graphic Design, Layout, Illustration

Album Art and CD Booklet

Graphic Design, Layout, Branding

Logo Design

Graphic Design, Branding


Graphic Design, Illustration, Branding


Graphic Design, Layout, Branding

I've done a lot of work in my career and some of it just doesn't make sense on here. I mean, do you want to see tradeshow backdrops or sales brochures on here? I didn't think so. But if you really want to see my other stuff then just shoot me an email and I'll send over a well-organized folder full of other folders that contain a lot of my other work.

The Process

Here's how I tackle a web project.

ScriptRock.com Home Page

Role: Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Front-End Developer, Marketer

The ScriptRock (now UpGuard) website was somewhat of a "Frankenstein" site. They had used an agency to do the homepage and pricing page and then did the other pages themselves using HubSpot COS. The overall look was inconsistent and needed a massive update. I was tasked with the opportunity to rebrand and style the entire website.

First, I approached the project by sketching out the home page and it's needs.

While wireframing the home page I went over what each div section needed to make the page successful while educating the visitor on what ScriptRock does and what the product can offer them.

ScriptRock.com Wireframing
ScriptRock.com Wireframing

The hero section needed a powerful in-house product shot of someone using the product to show the ease-of-use. It needed a good h1 heading not only for SEO purposes but also for the 5 second test. I wanted visitors to know what ScriptRock does as soon as the hero section loads.

The second div needed to draw the eye down with a strong h2 accompanied by well-designed icons that explained the products benefits using one word only. I did not want to clutter the area with too much text.

The next two sections were to sell the visitor with an explanation of what ScriptRock is and what it does. I included a paragraph from our sales collateral and product documentation with some "spiced up" marketing language. I was sure to include call-to-action buttons for further education (case studies, integrations, solutions). In the live version I added two more CTAs in different styles for "get started" or "get a demo" just in case the visitor was sold at this point.

The Supported Platforms section was key in educating and convincing the visitor. Since so many companies are tied to legacy software it was important to show what ScriptRock integrates with and works well with. If a systems administrator is scrolling down the home page and sees a logo of something they already use it might catch their eye and encourage them to learn more.

Social proof was key to driving home the importance of the ScriptRock product so I was sure to include current customer logos and update them as new customers came onboard.

Another way to build and ensure trust was with more social proof, this time in the form of a direct customer quote about our product offering. Ideally, we would have liked to include a photo of the individual and the company logo but the logo was all we could muster at the time. The quote is attributed by the individuals's title/role and department within the company.

I wanted the next section to be the final push of TRY OUR PRODUCT NOW! In fact, I heavily A/B tested the next section that included various language from "Try ScriptRock Free" to "Get a free account" to "Login to your free account". I also A/B tested the "get started" CTA to correspond with the h2.

Lastly, the footer was the bun at the end of a good, meaty, veggie-filled sandwich. It needed to include the nav bar as well as other popular pages (ie: DevOps eBooks). It was important to include the word "DevOps" instead of just "eBooks" since DevOps was a big traffic driver for ScriptRock.com. The footer also needed to include company links and two logos demonstrating our credibility within the space. The footer wouldn't be complete without the social account links and blog feed. After all, the blog feed was the biggest traffic driver for ScriptRock.com.

ScriptRock.com Wireframing

The final product was built in HubSpot COS. I coded the website, designed the icons, photoshopped the imagery, and used text and copy from various company collateral and documentation. I copywrited (copywrote?) the text when necessary. I also implemented all tracking and analytics to ensure we were measuring each click, scroll, and interaction. As mentioned, I A/B tested when necessary and used the home page results to the remaining site pages.

ScriptRock.com Home Page
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Here are some of the other web designs I did for ScriptRock (aka UpGuard)

more web designs I've done
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This is Allyssa

The rundown on me.

Allyssa is a seasoned designer turned marketer who’s worked in the tech and startup world for the last near decade. From cybersecurity to eCommerce to SaaS to even medical devices, Allyssa has continued to work in different markets and hone her craft at digital marketing and design. She enjoys writing relatable content to explain high-level concepts, designing meaningful experiences for brands, front-end coding digital campaigns and microsites to convert leads, and crafting the right marketing plan and strategy for companies looking to make an imprint on their industry.

Allyssa frequently writes about marketing or SaaS concepts on her blog at blog.allyssa.co and for startups alike. She is quite avid on Twitter and Instagram for both topics. She loves producing content and self-learning new and interesting forms of media. She has a lifestyle podcast with her husband which she produces, manages and edits as well as promotes on social media in her spare time. She is also planning to publish her first book this year and looks to continue and improve on one of her favorite skills, storytelling.

“Storytelling can take different forms, for me that’s design, writing and creating digital experiences. I see marketing as just a buzzword for storytelling. When you understand your customer or persona you can craft the perfect experience for them using each piece of storytelling – design, writing, and digital experiences. And if you do it inline with your product offering or brand, you’ll see a positive result and organizational success that will continue to drive your business forward.”

To learn more find her on Twitter @HeyitsAllyssa

Marketing Spotlight: Propel

Role: Senior Marketing Manager – Design, Digital Marketing, Web Development

I joined Propel in February 2018 as their senior marketing manager and their go-to person for marketing, content, design and front-end code. Within 6 months I gave Propel their first true brand identity which debuted at Dreamforce 2018 in San Francisco. My digital marketings strategies helped generate enough brand awareness through content, social media, and digital campaigns to garner interest for their Series B funding.

So far, in my tenure at Propel I've also contributed to a large uptick in website traffic, industry presence and created the number one visited page on their website for a campaign I started two months after joining the team. My first Propel campaign is still the most viewed landing page on Propel's website.

propel branding before and after

Explainer Videos

I storyboarded and art directed a variety of explainer videos for Propel. For each video I also wrote the script and worked with a third-party animator to create the videos. Each video was made on a budget of less than $500.

Can I work with you?

You bet! Tell me more about your next project.